Choosing the right anal toys for your application

When it comes to choosing anal toys, the reason for using them is important. If you are looking to stimulate the ass of a woman, you want a totally different type of toy then when you are stimulating a guy’s ass. While anyone can experience pleasure from the gentle stretching of the sphincter, as well as the deep and fulfilling sensations that come with filling the ass with a large, thick toy, a guy may want to focus on a different type of toy.

In this article, you will learn about:

1. The use of the butt plug as anal toys
2. The use of anal beads as rectal prostate massagers
3. Specific male butt toys designed for prostate stimulation

Of course, you have already heard about the butt plug. If you are on this page, you are probably more aware of the different types of sexual toys than most others. But did you know how this toy actually provides its stimulation and why it is shaped the way it is?

All butt plugs have a basic, similar shape. They are narrow at the tip, they get thicker in the middle, and then they taper down to a base that is used to prevent the toy from slipping fully inside the anal cavity. This toy provides two types of stimulation. The first is by stretching the sphincter. Whether you are a man or a woman, this feels pretty good. But it also helps to achieve heightened sexual pleasure and arousal by filling the ass with a nice, thick toy. If you haven’t experienced this feeling before, it is almost impossible to describe it.

Butt plugs are not good for in and out stimulation, and they also are no good for the prostate gland.

Anal beads are designed to work as a string of beads (think about a really big pearl necklace) and they are primarily designed to stimulate repeated stretching and constriction of the sphincter. They can also provide an interesting feeling of fulfillment if enough of them are stuffed in the ass, but this is not their primary use, and this type of stimulation is rare with anal beads. They work by popping in and out of the ass, causing the sphincter to stretch over and over again. Slowly pulling the beads out can actually cause a woman to reach orgasm. Some guys enjoy them, too.

So, what about the stimulation of the guy’s ass? How is it possible to achieve a stimulation that is any different than what has been described so far?

Well, the male anal cavity contains a gland known as the prostate. This gland is protected by a thin wall of flesh on the top of the cavity, and it can be stimulated with light pressure or mild electrical pulses. It can also be stimulated through vibrations.

Prostate sex toys designed for this type of stimulation are generally shaped very differently from any other toy described so far. They tend to have a bulbous tip, and they are generally smaller than female vibrators or butt plugs (although there are some out there that are very large).

When inserted, the bulbous tip will cause the right amount of pressure on the prostate. They also tend to have a safety ring that prevents the toy from slipping all the way inside (the butt is known to “eat” certain toys). This ring also makes it very easy to remove the toy, which will become extremely slippery with all of that lube.

Using this type of toy will result in proper stimulation of the prostate, as well as an amazing orgasm for the guy. Now that you know about the different types of anal toys, maybe you should buy one!