Male Anal Toys, for Big, Adventurous Boys

Mangasm Spark - prostate toolOne of the things that most people understand about male anal toys is that they provide an enhanced orgasm experience. They do this by stimulating the prostate. One thing that most people don’t know, though, is that there are actually several different types of toys, all of which provide different types of stimulation. Understanding these different types of toys, and how they relate to your experience of stimulating your prostate, is essential if you are going to make the right purchase.

In this article, you will learn to understand the following:

1. Male anal toys that are right for beginners
2. Masculine sex toys that are designed for unique types of prostate stimulation
3. Rectal prostate massagers that are right for the most adventurous guys

When choosing your very first toy, you may find it comforting to purchase one that is designed for the first timer. Thankfully, most of the companies producing these toys understand your hesitation and have provided options to make it easier to get into the process of using a toy for prostate stimulation. One of the best available (and the author’s favorite for first timers) is the Mangasm Alpha. This toy is rather short, but it provides just the right amount of internal stimulation to provide an orgasm that is far beyond what you can expect by using your finger.

Toys in this group are designed with easy penetration in mind, as well as requiring the user to only insert it partially in order to find and stimulate the prostate.

There are several toys that provide unique types of prostate stimulation. Many of these will simply be variations on the idea of the vibrator. Thankfully, having a toy that can be controlled to provide different speeds of vibration will allow for many different types of experience. Having a toy that combines the shape of something like the Alpha with a user-controlled vibration speed will result in a combination of different types of stimulation that will really put you over the edge. The author’s favorite is the Mangasm Voyager, although this is a larger male prostate stimulating toy and some guys may find mild discomfort the first time they use it.

There are also toys that are designed with the more adventurous type in mind. While you could use a butt plug or anal beads for your anal stimulation, you may not be able to properly stimulate the prostate while using these types of toys. The Mangasm brand does produce a set of anal beads that have a firm string, rather than the flimsy type found on traditional anal beads. This will allow you to combine the pleasure of sliding the beads in and out of the anus while also stimulating and milking the prostate. It is a highly recommended experience for guys looking for something new.

You may also find that male anal toys such as the Mangasm Spark will provide a combination of pleasures that are rivaled by few. This toy is designed with seven pleasurable “spikes” on the base. When fully inserted, the tip will stimulate the prostate from the inside, while the spikes stimulate it from the outside. These spikes are known as “perineum massagers.” When you massage the perineum, you are applying a light pressure on the prostate from outside of the body.

Finally, the Electro is one of the most adventurous toys out there. Using a small controller, you can apply various types of electrical pulses to the prostate, causing it to “stimulate itself.” This toy is not for the novice or the amateur. Of all the male anal toys, it provides the most unique and pleasurable experience.