Imagine the orgasm you could have if you used a male anal toy

When you use a male anal toy you will stimulate the prostate. When you stimulate the prostate, there is an excess of seminal fluid. The gland becomes overwhelmed and you quickly have an intense, forceful orgasm. The fluid rushes out through your cock and you shoot it further than you thought possible. It is often quite sticky, and the mess you are left with can be daunting to clean. Women love a man that can produce this much fluid, and without the anal toy it can be rather difficult to achieve such glorious orgasms.

Of course, not every guy will have the guts to try a male anal toy. A lot of guys are afraid. They don’t have the confidence in their own sexuality to try something that is seen as taboo by the majority of society. But those guys who are willing to explore these depths of sexual pleasure will come back with treasure that is almost unbelievable. I have never heard of a guy who experiments with prostate stimulation that doesn’t enjoy it. Of course, there are certainly guys out there who would never allow a finger or other toy in their rear, and they might claim that they don’t enjoy it. But any guy who gives it a genuine chance is sure to walk away with the experience of a life time.

A masculine prostate massager will stimulate the prostate gland, as mentioned above. Within moments, you will feel an intense pressure build up. The sensation will feel like an orgasm that is about to burst through you like a tidal wave of pleasure. Imagine the strongest orgasm you have ever experienced. Now double that intensity. If the normal scale for an orgasm only goes to ten, this goes to eleven and then beyond. You just have to be willing to give it a try. The best thing you could do, though, is to start out with a toy designed specifically for stimulating your prostate.

I would recommend you take a look at the Mangasm Alpha if this will be your first foray into experimenting with a prostate stimulation tool. A lot of guys will find other toys to be a bit too intimidating. The alpha was designed for any guy who is looking forward to his first experience. It’s small enough to fit inside easily, but it is shaped perfectly for prostate stimulation. Within a few moments of getting it inside you will peak, and your orgasm will be more intense than you experienced.

The one challenge to trying out prostate orgasms is that they will make regular orgasms pale in comparison. Once you give a try to the anal toy, you are going to want to use it regularly. There isn’t anything wrong with this. Over time, your prostate will actually strengthen, and your orgasms will be more powerful than they used to be without the prostate stimulating tool. You just have to give it some time.

Stay focused. Make sure you use lots of lube. Don’t get off track. Get that toy in there, find your prostate gland, and start stimulating it. After just a few pumps you will be primed and you will have an orgasm that is from another dimension.

You don’t have to take my word for it, either. There are thousands of articles on the web from other guys who have used toys to stimulate their prostate. A lot of guys that you know are already doing it, but they would never admit it. Using a male anal toy is awesome, but you must be brave enough to give it a shot.