Learning to Love Prostate Stimulators – It is Easier than You Think

It’s fairly common knowledge that prostate stimulators can be used to enhance the orgasm for a man. But actually finding anything more than an article that discusses in detail how to achieve this can be tough to get. The following article was submitted by a guy who has actually used several different types of toys.

In this article, you will learn how he:

1. Discovered how to stimulate his prostate with his finger
2. Moved on to using different male prostate sex toys.
3. His recommendation for finding the best prostate stimulators for you

I have written this article because I wanted other guys to know that there are a lot of prostate stimulators out there, and not everyone is going to be right for you. What you really want to make sure you do is start by using your finger (with a latex glove and plenty of lube) so that you can learn how to find and stimulate your prostate gland.

The first time will take the longest, and it is also the most awkward. After you figure out how to find it, you will be able to get to it over and over again. Eventually, though, you are probably going to want to move on to a toy, because these make it much easier to stimulate your penis while also massaging the prostate gland.

They say that this gland is similar to the female g-spot. I can vouch for this. It is about the same depth inside of the male anus as the g-spot is in the vagina. If you know how to find one, you can usually find and stimulate the other.

I decided to give prostate stimulation a try after reading about it on one of my favorite forums. But within a few weeks I kind of got bored of that and decided that I was ready to try a toy.

Fortunately for me, I actually knew someone who was into this type of sexual stimulation, and he told me about the Mangasm Rush. There is a smaller toy available, but since I was already using three fingers for stimulation, I just jumped right into using one of the advanced prostate stimualtors known as the buzz.

I have to tell you that the difference between using your fingers and using a properly designed toy like the buzz is extreme. The pleasure that I felt using this toy was far beyond anything that I could have imagined, even though I had already experienced some pretty amazing orgasms with my fingers.

The thing that you really want to look out for is whether or not you are going to be comfortable using the toy. If it makes you nervous when you see it, you are probably going to have a hard time relaxing. Relaxing and using a lot of lube is one of the key things you need to do when you insert the toy inside. If you are too tense, you are going to have a hard time getting it in there, and that will just ruin the experience for you.

When you get your first toy, make sure you think about how ready you are for this experience. You may want to start out with a smaller toy. But chances are that shortly after you get used to using a toy, you will want to move on to something better. It is kind of like when you first discovered jerking off. You quickly want to move on to having real sex.