Exploring New Pleasures with Prostate Toy

If you’re a guy who cares at all about being good in bed, then you’re no doubt aware of the female g spot, or at least the idea of. Contrary to what some might suggest, the female g spot really does exist and is capable of giving women very intense orgasms. The g spot orgasm is so good that it’s considered to be the ultimate pleasure that a woman can experience. No other type of stimulation can even live up to it.

While a lot of guys spend a great deal of time and effort trying to find the female g spot, they often don’t even realize that they, too, have a g spot. Well, it’s not technically the same thing as the female g spot, but it is capable of providing the same intense orgasms in men. The male g spot is more properly known as the prostate. The prostate gland is a part of the male sexual system that plays many important roles in things we take for granted, such as producing seminal fluid and ejaculating it.

Finding the male g spot is both easier and harder to manage than finding the female one. On the one hand, the male g spot is quite a bit larger and so it’s easier to pinpoint. The trouble is that the male g spot is best stimulating through the rectum – and a lot of men are averse to trying any sort of sexual practice that involves their butts.

While the idea of sticking anything up your ass might be a bit scary, it’s not as uncomfortable as you might first thing. This is doubly true when using a good male anal sex toy, as these toys are built with comfort in mind. A prostate toy such as the Mangasm Alpha is specifically built to cater to men who have no experience with anal or prostate play at all. They’re designed to be both simple to use and comfortable so as to ease you into the experience.

Using a masculine prostate massager such as the Alpha is very simple. All you have to do is apply some lubricant and gently insert the prostate toy anally. Once it’s inside, you’ll find that the bulbous head of the prostate toy will naturally find its way to your prostate, gently pressing against it through the wall of the rectum. From that point you can simply masturbate like you would normally and you can automatically enjoy a great prostate massage. You’ll be in for an intense orgasm as you get your first taste of male g spot stimulation – it will likely be the first of many more to come.