Stimulating the g spot for women

There is a lot of talk about the g spot, but do you really know what it is and how to stimulate it? Stimulating the g spot will provide her with intense orgasms and is one of the best things you can do. Some women may find the experience too intense, though, and you will need to adjust your approach. Did you know that guys also have a g spot? Find out what is so great about the g spot, as well as how to share yours with your girlfriend for super orgasms.

In this piece, you will learn:

1. How to find the g spot in your woman
2. How to find the g spot you have
3. How to get your girl to play with the g spot inside of you

The first thing that you need to understand is that every woman is different, and what one likes another may not. With that being said, most women like some style to stimulating the g spot. Some women will appreciate hard and rough play with theirs and others will only require the lightest stimulation.

To find this spot, insert two fingers into the vagina and move them in a “come here” gesture. Her g spot is located at the top of her vagina, and you will recognize it as a small, fleshly lump about the size of a quarter. She will be able to tell you when you have found it. One of the best experiences you can give to her is to provide clitoral stimulation with your tongue while fingering her g spot. This will result in some powerful orgasms that really blow her mind.

The sensation is described differently by different women, and yours might not really care for this type of stimulation most of the time. Again, every woman is different, but experimenting with her g spot is a good idea and can only lead to better sexual encounters between the two of you.

Stimulating the g spot is almost the same as finding hers. Yours is actually a gland, known as the prostate, that is about one half of an inch to two inches inside of your anus. It is on the top and is protected by a thin layer of tissue. This walnut sized gland produces the semen that comes out during your ejaculation. It combines with the sperm released from your testicles, and is the source of the force behind your orgasm.

If you have been playing with her g spot for some time, you can probably just ask her to stimulate yours, too. If she knows how to find hers, she will know how to find yours, too. The best type of stimulation between two partners is to combine g spot stimulation with oral sex. Make sure that you warn her about the monstrous load she is going to produce by sucking your dick and fingering your prostate at the same time. Many women have been surprised by the abundance of fluid that shoots forth, and you want to avoid turning this into anything less than the most pleasurable experience.

Some guys are worried about being clean before they do this. That is a good concern. Make sure you go to the bathroom and take a good shower before you get started to avoid any embarrassing messes. Ultimately, it is between the two of you to discover whether or not you enjoy it.

Learning to massage the g-spot is one of the easiest ways for guys and girls to improve the quality of their sexual encounters and to make their orgasms memorable.