A male g spot stimulator will change the way you look at orgasms

The first time I used a male g spot stimulator was back when I was a freshman in college. I had met a girl who was into things that I had never even heard of. I wore my first cock ring with her, and she was the first girl that ever wanted to swallow my sperm. I thought that I would never be able to keep up with her in the bedroom. One day I was reading an article about prostate stimulation, and when I heard that it could result in an abundance of cum pouring forth during orgasm I figured I would give it a try.


Before I bought a male g spot stimulator I asked her if she was interested. She got really turned on at the thought of me producing two or three times as much cum as I normally did. I think most women get turned on by a guy that can produce a huge load, so I wasn’t too surprised by this. With her blessing, I placed an order and got a toy known as the Mangasm Spark. It was probably a bit bigger than what I should have used for the first time. I should have probably gotten something like the Mangasm Alpha, but alas, I ended up choosing the spark.


When the male g spot stimulator arrived we were both excited. She wanted to start out by riding me until just before the point of orgasm. Then she would switch to stimulating me with oral sex while she popped the spark in my hole. The entire process lasted for about thirty minutes. I started by giving her a great orgasm with oral, getting her nice and juicy between her legs. Then, she mounted me and road me until she had another orgasm. A few seconds before I lost control I let her know that it was time.


She lubed up the toy, slipped it in, and buried me in her throat. My eyes flew open, but I couldn’t really see anything around me… the pleasure was very intense. Within seconds my dick started pumping and I could feel the prostate gland producing what felt like a gallon of fluid. With the final stroke of her mouth my dick hit the back of her throat and the cum rushed out of my cock like a tsunami. Before I knew what was happening she was coughing and gagging as the cum was falling out of her mouth.


I want you to understand that this girl really, really liked swallowing my load. I mean, every single time we fucked she wanted to hop off of me and finish me in her mouth. It didn’t matter if I was using a condom or not. She always got down there and milked me for every last drop. It was like she needed it to survive. She loved my cum. But this was more than she could handle.


She apologized profusely for getting cum all over my stomach. I was completely oblivious, because the power of the orgasm left me senseless. When I finally came around and realized how much juice was on my stomach I asked her what happened. She said she swallowed about three times as much as she normally would, and there was still a lot to spit out. It just seemed like it would never end.


I really wish I had shot my load in a measuring cup, or something. I know that these orgasms produce a lot of jizz, but I think the first time I used a male g spot stimulator resulted in more than any other time. Try it. You’ll like it.