Finding the Perfect Male G Spot Stimulator


When you learn about using a male g spot stimulator for increasing your sexual pleasure, you probably come up with a lot of questions. This article was created to help you find the right one for you. Not only will it cover the different types of toys available to you, but it will also show you what they all have in common. Making sense of all of this can be tough, and it can be expensive to purchase tons of toys for experimentation. Save money by reading this guide.


After reading this article you will understand the following:

  1. Common characteristics of the male g spot stimulator
  2. How to choose the right male g spot stimulator for your experience level


You have undoubtedly seen plenty of dildos and vibrators. There isn’t a person alive who isn’t aware of what these toys look like. Even the most conservative couple has seen them, and many people have used them. These toys are generally designed for women, though, and don’t prepare you for what you should expect when it comes to toys designed for men.


A toy that is designed to stimulate the male g-spot will generally be smaller than a toy designed for women. It will also have a shape that is unlike anything that you have seen before.


They generally have a smaller tip and a bulbous head. This is to allow easier insertion and proper stimulation of the male g-spot. Knowing this can help you eliminate any toys that weren’t designed exclusively for this use.


These features are the most common, and all proper stimulators of the prostate will share them.


If you are new to prostate stimulation, you are probably a bit nervous about using a toy to stimulate your ass. This is totally normal. If you have no experience, you probably want to start by experimenting with your finger.


This will only prove interesting for a short period of time, though, and you will quickly decide that it is time to move on to a toy that can provide the enhanced stimulation you are looking for.

There are plenty of male g spot stimulator toys out there. Knowing which is the right one for your level of experience can be tough. If you are a new comer, the bigger toys are completely out. But, if you have a bit of experience, even just with your fingers, it might make sense to skip the entry level toys.


The most basic, starter-level toy is known as the mangasm alpha. Now, don’t confuse “basic” for “unfulfilling.” This toy has had a lot of research and development put into it, and it is not only easy to insert, but the bulbous tip provides plenty of pressure and stimulation for the prostate. Most guys who experience this toy as their first find little or no reason to move on to another toy for quite some time.


Inevitably, you will get bored with a basic toy like this, just as you did with your fingers. From there, you may want to start experimenting with larger toys, vibrating toys, or even toys that provide stimulation through moderate electrical pulses. You can get the Mangasm Buzz for vibrating pleasure, the Voyager for a larger vibrating toy, or the Electro if you want to experience those electrical pulses.


Ultimately, you have to gauge your comfort level and decide whether or not you are ready to move on to the next toy. But most guys don’t hesitate when it comes to testing out the next best thing, so you might want to order more than one male g spot stimulator when you place your first order.