When should you Use a Prostate Stimulator?

Prostate Vibrating ToolThere are plenty of people who are interested in using a prostate stimulator, but many individuals are confused about when they should use one versus manual stimulation with the finger. Thankfully, there is a clear cut line helping you make this decision.

By reading this article, you will learn the following:

1. When is it best to use a prostate stimulator?
2. How to introduce the toy into your prostate stimulation routine
3. What the best toy is for introductory prostate play with a toy

When you first learn about the process of prostate stimulation, you probably learn to use your finger. While this can help you achieve some small, pleasurable results, it is ultimately not the best way to go about achieving the exhilarating orgasms associated with the technique. Not only is it not the best way, but it is also rather awkward. Think about the positioning required to use your finger while stimulating the penis simultaneously. It is like a circus act of flexibility.

It is best to use a stimulator after you have learned the basics of male anal stimulation with your finger. Going from your finger to your first toy can be quite intimidating. Many people hesitate making this move due to the risk of discomfort they assume comes with using a toy. Thankfully, these toys are designed for ease of insertion. You will also be surprised at the amount of material that the human anus can accommodate. There are plenty of individuals out there that can accept far more than what is required for the levels of stimulation needed to achieve an amazing prostate orgasm.

In order to get started, make sure that you have some lubricant, as well as an idea of how to find and stimulate the prostate. After this, you simply need to choose a toy, purchase it, and give it a try.

Lots of guys are surprised at how easy it is to insert a prostate stimulator. When you order your first toy, you will notice that it is shaped differently than one designed for female pleasure. This is because the male anatomy is very different than that of the female. The anus is very different from the vagina, and stimulating the prostate is something that is only possible in the male anus (after all, women do not have a prostate gland).

The best toy to get for your first encounter is one that is designed for the newcomer. There are many companies providing toys like this. One of the best is the Mangasm Alpha, or its big brother, the Mangasm Rush. Choosing either of these toys will allow you to experience easy insertion when properly lubricated. The design of the toy is such that it will stimulate the prostate without much additional effort on your part, which also makes the experience far safer than trying to find and stimulate the prostate with your finger.

When ordering your toy, make sure that you have adequate amounts of lube. If you don’t, order a lube that is safe for the toy. It is best to do so with the same website where you purchase the toy, as they will often recommend the lubricant that works best for the material out of which the toy is made. Once the toy is inserted you will notice that your prostate is being stimulated. From here, you simply have to enjoy the amazing experience of male anal play and stimulation.

For more information on using a prostate massagers, check out the other articles here on this site, as well as the information provided from your favorite manufacturer.