Made up your mind about G-Spot Sex Toys yet?

Locating the male g-spot is easy, it's tucked about two inches inside your anus, and can be felt if you put your finger inside (but make sure you use a lubed latex glove first). It's known as the prostate, and it's about the same size as a walnut. It's role in life is to produce seminal fluid, and is very much a part of the male productive organs. That's the easy part.

The hard part is deciding whether you want to try some g-spot sex toys to probe your anus and massage the prostate. It's hard because first of all, it goes against a lot of things you were taught about sex and sexuality. Most guys' belief that anal play is strictly for homosexuals, and the only time anyone gets to stick a finger up most guys anuses is when they go for an annual medical check-up.

But now there are these funky looking male erotic toys. They look strange and some look downright scary, but these g-spot sex toys make you feel great.

It's hard to find a review from any guy who has tried a prostate stimulating toy that is anything less than overflowing with praise and enthusiasm.

That's because there are thousands of sensitive nerve endings both in the prostate, the perineum, tucked between the testicles and the anus, and the anal entrance itself with thousands of sensitive nerves that react incredibly to touch. It makes you wonder, if anal sex play has the potential to feel so good, why is everyone telling you it's so bad.

Ultimately you have to decide for yourself whether you are going to take the plunge and give g-spot sex toys a go. If you do decide, be sure to read the instructions and advice that comes with your rectal prostate toy, as this type of sexual stimulation is internal and requires a slow start.