The right kind of G-Spot Stimulators for you

There's only one route to the prostate, the male g-spot, and that is through the anus. Because stimulating the g-spot involves anal play, some guys are scared to give it a go, which is a shame because g-spot stimulators can open up whole new areas of sexual excitement for guys. In fact anal sex involves some of the most pleasurable sexual sensations that guys, gay or straight, can experience. Men brave enough to explore their anus will soon discover that it is very special due to the prostate gland.

There are all kinds of prostate stimulating toys on the market these days, so the first thing you need to do is to discover the kind of g-spot stimulation you like best. When shopping for a potential g-spot toy look for a curve toward the tip or an angled head, because this type of g-spot stimulators will give you the most pleasure.

If you find you enjoy pressure on your prostate, check out the Pandora. This smooth, soft silicone vibe g-spot stimulator slips easy into the anal canal and has a curved tip that's perfect for hitting the g-spot. It can also vibrate at a flick of the switch.

The Aneros Plug is probably the most popular g-spot anal toy around and is designed to stimulate the prostate both internally and externally by means of pressure on the perineum. It's an excellent hands free massage of both areas. The Aneros range of prostate massaging toys prolong your erection and hold back your ejaculation, so they are great if you are learning to become multi-orgasmic.

For a vibrating g-spot stimulator try the Naughty Boy. It's made from easy-to-clean, heat-retaining silicone, and has a removable vibrator.

Some guys and girls want to go one step further and be really experimental. For these couples, there are g-spot stimulators you use for pegging. Pegging is where one partner wears a harness and dildo and anally penetrates the other. If the girl does this with the right kind of g-spot stimulating dildo to the guy it is possible to enjoy an exhilarating g-spot massage. But always be sure to use plenty f water based lube on this or any g-spot stimulators.