Why some guys won't try a G-Spot Toy

G-spot toys have been popular with women for a long time, but it's only relatively recently that guys have developed a toy to cater to their needs. In truth, a lot of guys don't even know where there G-spot is, or what it does, let alone know there is a special toy designed to massage it.

The G-spot for men is the prostate which is located about two inches up the anus towards the root of the penis. In order to massage it, it's necessary to get to it via the anus. It can be done with the fingers, using a lubed latex glove, but a prostate stimulator is so much more suited for the job.

The most popular and well known G-spot toy is the prostate massager. The Mangasm range of anal toys cater for every level of use from the beginner to the well seasoned with high quality silicone toys with angled heads designed to locate and put gentle pressure on the prostate quickly and comfortably - and of course pleasurably.

The prostate is responsible for the production of seminal fluid, and to massage or milk it is to experience some amazing sensations you cannot get with just normal masturbation. Some G-spot stimulators such as the Rude Boy pump up the intensity by having built in vibrators. A G-spot toy with a vibrator can send waves of pleasure through the body. Of course for many guys, anal sex and butt stimulating tools are a step too far. Anal sex is still taboo in a lot of societies, and many Christians associate it as being sex with the Devil. It's hard to know why God put the prostate gland inside the anus, but that, added to the fact that the anal entrance has thousands of sensitive nerve endings recalls the expression 'the Devil has all the best tunes.'