What kind of guy uses G-Spot Toys?

Even though g-spot toys are selling well, they have a lot of catching up to do before they are on par with any sex toy that massages or masturbates the penis. Butt stimulating toys are still looked upon as toys for gays or for guys in touch with their feminine side.

The truth is, there is still a lot of ignorance about the male g-spot, the male g-spot orgasm, and especially about any sex that involves going up the anus. Until guys are formally taught in school that the prostate gland can provide some of the most sensational sexual experiences they are ever likely to have, male sex toys will remain for the open minded, sexually adventurous type of customer.

The guys who buy g-spot toys tend to be in steady relationships and may be tempted by a partner who likes to experiment, to consider anal sex. There are nearly always a few barriers to break down before a guy will consider sticking a sex toy up his ass. A lot of people confuse any kind of anal sex as going against the bible, or against some kind of macho principle.

The amazement at discovering anal sex can be so stimulating is because most guys don't know about the prostate gland, they only hear from grumpy old men that they can't urinate properly due to prostate problems. And every guy is brought up believing through locker room talk and through what is in the media that the penis is the main area of pleasure for a guy.

G-spot toys such as the Mangasm range can comfortably slip into the anus, and the angled head is quick to locate and put pressure on the prostate. The two tips guys need to remember for all anal sex play is hygiene and lube. Always boil the sex toy after use with disinfectant and always use water based lube throughout the session. If you are yet to try a g-spot massager, it's well worth exploring.