Spoilt for choice: the Gay Anal Toy

A quick review of one of the UK's best online sex stores selling various gay anal toy products reveals the inventiveness, creativity and design daring of the gay community.
In many western countries, being openly gay has been legal for the best part of 40 years, and the gay community has lost no time in making up for lost time. Today the internet has a massive choice when it comes to deciding on a gay butt tools

Cock Locker, a subsidiary of top online sex store Love Honey, has no fewer than ten distinct categories dedicated to the concept of the sex toys for homosexuals. This includes anal dildos, anal butt plugs, realistic dildos and realistic vibrators. Gay porn stars, like female porn stars have stepped forward to have their members smothered in pink goo so as to create exact clones of their cocks. The end product is a gay anal sex toy that looks incredibly realistic right down to the last wrinkle.

Let's suppose a realistic dildo was your choice of an anal toy; on Cock Locker you would have over 6 pages of choice, and each page features 14 realistic dildo gay anal toys. In fact there is currently a choice of 79 of this type of gay anal toy on this one site alone.

The largest realistic dildo butt toy for gays is fully 17 inches long. One of the adult entertainment industries longest serving stars, Dick Rambone has a big reputation and an even bigger member. It offers up a massive 15.5 inches of penetrable length to put inside the anus.

But despite the wealth of choice, if you do not see any anal toy that takes your fancy, you can always clone your own. Clone a Willy gives you all the materials you need to make an exact replica of your own erect penis and preserve it for posterity, or even for penetration. Whether you're looking for a realistic penis that's soft to the touch, or a luminous but life-like dildo that's easy to use, the choice of realistic dildos is sure to enrich your sex toy experience.