Safe Sex and Gay Anal Toys During Play Time

Gay anal toys can allow you to experience sexual stimulation without needing to actually partake in gay intercourse. If you are with a new partner and you are not sure whether or not you want to allow him to perform anal sex with you, these toys can provide a great alternative. Since they also stimulate the body in a way that regular anal intercourse can’t, the experience can actually be more fulfilling than traditional gay anal sex.

In this article, you will learn:

1. Tips for using gay rectal pleasure toys for maximum pleasure
2. How to keep your gay butt tools clean
3. How to get the most out of your gay anal toys

When you use the majority of these toys, you are going to be trying to stimulate the prostate. Thankfully, most of these toys are designed to make this really easy. You can get started and stimulate the prostate by first practicing on yourself. It helps if both partners already know how to find and stimulate their prostate, so that they can guide their partner in doing it for them.

If you are with a partner who has never tried this before, then it can be fun for the two of you to lie down together, each with a toy, exploring your own ass and looking for the prostate. Once the two of you have found your prostate and have experienced prostate orgasms, you can then move on to providing this type of pleasure to each other.

While it is possible to experience these types of orgasms through traditional gay anal sex, they are not as common. Using a toy will provide a unique experience that many gay men claim is better than regular anal sex. It is also safer, as there is no actual intercourse or penile penetration, reducing the likelihood that you could contract an STD.

Keep your toys clean by using warm soapy water. If you have a few that you share between yourself and your partners, you want to make sure that they are cleaned promptly after use. If you are a cleaning a toy with a partner that has not been tested recently, make sure that you wear a pair of latex gloves while cleaning them. This will help the toy last longer and virtually eliminate the chance that you will transmit any diseases.

Working with a partner with these toys is a great way to experience the pleasure of anal intercourse without the risk of gay anal sex. Of course, you could use a condom to cut back on the likelihood of transmitting an STD, but condoms can break and are prone to do so during the rougher, dryer anal sex. Even with lubricants, it is possible that this can happen, and if you use the wrong type of lubricant, you can actually increase the chances of the condom breaking.

Use the lube recommended by the manufacturer of your anal massage toy to minimize the risk of damaging the material. Make sure to use a lot of lubricant to make it easy to get the toy inside and to work it. Prostate pleasure is pretty easy to attain, especially if you are using a lot of lube.

The orgasm that you will experience from prostate play is really one of a kind. The prostate will produce additional fluid and will force it out with amazing velocity. If it is your first time, be prepared to clean a huge mess.

Take the time to find the toys that you like the best. Using gay anal toys as a replacement for traditional anal sex can help to protect you and your partner from the transmission of STDs.