Convince your man to let you play with his male g spot and give him amazing orgasms

The male g spot has become more and more popular in recent times. You have undoubtedly read about it in one of your magazines, and you may have even heard your girlfriends talking about it at work or at the club. But getting your guy to let you play with his can prove challenging. A lot of guys will feel that any ass play is “gay” and think that it can’t possibly feel good. Thankfully, there are a few tried and true techniques that you can use to get your guy to let you please him in a whole new way.


Prepare to learn the following:

  1. Get him interested in the male g spot without even mentioning his ass
  2. Stimulating the male g spot with your finger
  3. Convincing him to let you use male g spot stimulating toys


All of these things require a simple approach. The first thing you need to do is mention that you have learned about a new way to bring about an orgasm. If he has never heard of this technique before, then he won’t be the least bit suspicious at what you want to do. Just tell him that you want to give him the best orgasm possible, and that you learned how in one of your magazines. Tell him that he has to let you try it at least once to see if he likes it.


If he is hesitant, you might want to offer a trade. You can tell him that if he doesn’t like what you do that you will let him have your ass. This will get most guys motivated to do almost anything. Just make sure that you want to do this. If you don’t really want to, it’s still okay to use this tactic. Just make sure that he knows that he can only have your butt if he really doesn’t like the new style of orgasm.


From there, you just want to give him oral sex. Get out some lube and then lube your finger and reach inside of his anal cavity. Finding his g spot is similar to finding your own. Remind him throughout the process that it is going to result in a huge, pleasurable orgasm, and that if he doesn’t like the final result that he can plunder your booty.


If he has already tried this and he liked it, then it should be pretty easy to convince him to use a prostate stimulator. You just need to order one and give it a try. The best one for the first timer is the Mangasm Alpha, so check that one out. It’s small and easy to insert, but it still provides intense stimulation of the prostate gland.


If he hasn’t allowed you to use the finger, or if you would rather just get started with using the toy, then you have to strike a bargain with him. Again, the anal trade is one of the most effective techniques for getting him to allow you to try it. There was one woman who didn’t even mention that she was going to do it. She told her man that she was going to give him a blow job that would change his world, but that he needed to be open minded.


She slipped the alpha in his butt as he was approaching orgasm and he didn’t even flinch. Instead, he started moaning and bucking his hips. The male g spot produced one of the messiest, pleasurable orgasms that she has ever witnessed, and now her husband is hooked!