Giving Prostate Massage

Proper Prostate MassageEven though the act of giving a prostate massage actually predates the formal establishment of acceptable sexual practices in medieval times, anal foreplay is still considered a taboo by most people. Generations of men have been taught that enjoying or practicing anal sex is simply bad, evil. Do this and you’re guaranteed a seat in hell.

Fortunately this is changing. Today more men are opening to the joys of the stimulating their prostate (also known as the male Gspot). The tide is slowly—but certainly—turning. There are more tutorials on different massage techniques and increase in production of sex toys specifically designed for anal play. Such toys are in fact now among the top sellers in many online and high street sex stores.

Unlike many everyday sexual practices such as oral sex or sexual intercourse, stimulating the male Gspot will require a little understanding of the male anatomy. This is because the prostate is not an external organ. It is located two inches inside the anus. It's a walnut sized gland located just below the bladder, and is there to produce seminal fluid which helps to protect semen on its way from the penis to the vagina during ejaculation.

Massaging the male Gspot through the membrane of the rectal wall can produce highly pleasurable sensations when done with the right amount of pressure. This is important. Push too hard or play too rough and a Gspot massage can quickly turn from a pleasurable experience to an uncomfortable, unsafe and even dangerous procedure.

Massaging the prostate isn’t that difficult. All that is required is gentle downward pressure, either with a latex gloved finger or a specifically designed anal massage sex toy such as the Aneros Helix. The Aneros homes in on the prostate. It can simultaneously also be used to massage the highly sensitive perineum (the cluster of nerves located between the anus and the testicles). Always use plenty of water based lube applied either to the gloved finger or the sex toy when giving prostate massage. That's because the anus produces no lube of its own.

To make your guy is more comfortable at the prospect of you giving him an invasive massage, make sure he urinates and passes a bowel movement first. Showering before a massage will also make him feel more confident relaxed. If during the session he complains of pain, stop immediately. If he feels the need to urinate this is a natural reaction to the massage and just requires a little getting used to. But prostate massage can bring immense benefits both medically and sexually, so it's well worth exploring as part of your sexual repertoire.