You can find and stimulate your male g spot easily

I learned about the male g spot because of this girl I was dating. She was always into doing and trying things that I would have never thought of, and she had turned me on to a lot of things that I am sure would make my conservative, religious parents sick. I could care less, though, because I was having sex that was wilder than anything I had dreamed of when I was a teenager. We were doing all sorts of crazy things, and I won’t bother getting into them, because you would probably get jealous, unless you have already done them, in which case it wouldn’t interest you.


One thing that I do want to talk about though, is how she introduced the male g spot to our regular sexual encounters. One thing that I refused to do was to allow her to get in my back door. In response, she would never let me give her anal sex. She would encourage me to use different toys on her ass, like anal beads and butt plugs, but any time I tried to slip my meat in her little butt she would tell me to cut it out. Finally, one day she approached me with a compromise. She said that if I would just give her one shot to experiment with anal play that she would let me have her ass whenever I wanted.


Now you have to realize how much this meant to me. We were doing all sorts of kinky and freaky things, but anal wasn’t one of them. This was like the final frontier of sexual experimentation for me. I figured that I would let her try it out, and then open the Pandora’s Box, so to speak. I had no idea that there was even such a thing as a male g spot at the time, or you can believe that I would have tried it much sooner. Anyway, she pulled out a toy, which I certainly wasn’t expecting, and it caused me to hesitate.


She told me that it was called the Mangasm voyager, and that it was one of the larger toys that they sold at I asked her why she had to go with one of the larger ones, and she told me that it would only be fair that I get the full experience if I am going to have access to her butt for the rest of my life. Well, I couldn’t argue with that. She encouraged me to just relax and try to enjoy it, which was honestly pretty difficult because I hadn’t ever thought about doing this before. But I finally let her get to it, and boy was I surprised.


As soon as she lubed me up and slipped the toy inside I knew I had discovered something amazing. I was on the verge of taking my sexual experiences from a 10 out of 10 to an 11.  I hope that makes sense. Not only would I get to start fucking her ass, but I now had a new way to experience sexual gratification that I had never even knew possible before this very moment. She started sucking me off while the toy buzzed away on my prostate gland, and I was approaching climax at the speed of light. Normally, I am able to hold it back for a few minutes before I burst forth with my man juice, but this was so intense that I made a big mess without even realizing it. When I came to my senses, she told me that I had just had my first male g spot experience.