How to massage your prostate

ID Glide Lube .2 ozLearning how to massage prostate should be savored. Always take things slow, and always go gently. There are specific sex toys such as the Rude Boy or the Aneros specifically designed for prostate massage, but you can also use your fingers provided you wear latex gloves. The following are some useful tips on massaging the male sweet spot.

• Observe you breathing.

Breathing at the right time will help you greatly with your anal sex play. Inhale as you insert and exhale as you massage, this will put you into a relaxed and receptive frame of mind throughout the session and help you to focus.

• Getting aroused.

An important part of how to massage prostate is getting yourself aroused beforehand. Do whatever comes naturally to you such as fondling and caressing your body, or better still, have a partner do it for you. Try to avoid the temptation to masturbate. You don't want to overcook the performance before the entree. One great way to get aroused is to massage your perineum located between your anus and testicles at the base of your penis. This is a fast and sensual way to get aroused while stimulating the male gspot. Don't overlook this part of the exercise; it's an important part of the session.

• Insert fingers or an anal sex toy.

Make sure your finger, your partner's finger, or the anal sex toy of your choice is properly lubed with a water based lube, and make sure the slickness and viscosity is maintained. This is important because the anus has no lubrication of its own to draw on. You should also apply water based lube to your anus. Lie on your side and raise your knees, then breathing rhythmically, insert the male anal toy.

• Massaging.

With the male anal toy inside you, let it rest there until you get used to the sensation. Key to how to massage prostate is to apply gentle pressure, no harsh movements. Contractions will vibrate up the head of the toy. Breathe in and out with the contractions, and maintain the tautness of your sphincter muscles to keep the vibrations going.

• Keep practicing.

As you get more accustomed to the sensation you will be automatically able to work out what feels best for you. Some male anal toys have dual perineum and prostate massage tips to aid the G-spot orgasm.