How Can a Male G Spot Stimulator Help Your Orgasm?


Male g spot stimulatorIf you have heard of the male g spot stimulator technique that you are about to read about, then you probably have already tried it. How could you skip over any technique that increases the quality of your orgasm so significantly? If you haven’t heard of it, then get ready to learn something that you can start using right away. You will really be impressed with the way this improves the quality of your orgasm.


In this article, you will learn:

  1. How to use a male g spot stimulator for increased sexual gratification
  2. How the male g spot is similar to the females
  3. How the two differ, and how to get the best toy for male use


The first thing you need to understand about the male g spot stimulator is that it is very different from any toys designed for use by women. Few guys actually understand this at first, and knowing this will help you greatly. Don’t waste any of your time or money trying out toys that are designed for women. Even if you have your ex girlfriends vibrator, just don’t bother giving it a try.


Okay, so what happens when you use these toys to stimulate your g spot? Well, the male g spot is also known as the prostate gland. This gland is important, in that it produces the actual semen that comes out from your penis during ejaculation. It combines with the sperm produced in your balls. It also provides the majority of the force behind your orgasm. So by stimulating it, you can produce bigger loads that shoot further. If that’s not cool enough to get you interested, then read on.


When you properly stimulate this gland, you are going to experience a type of pleasure that most guys haven’t thought possible. That is because most of the pleasure from your mind numbingly awesome orgasms comes from the prostate. But you probably never realized this, because the orgasms are mind numbingly awesome! Okay, using one of these toys will allow you to stimulate the prostate in a way that produces more fluid, more force, and more intense pleasure.


The male g spot is different from the female spot in two primary ways. First of all, it is in the ass instead of in the vagina. That much should already be obvious. The gland is pretty much in the same position as the female g spot, though. It needs a lot less pressure for stimulation, and knowing this is important to safely stimulating your gland.


When you start using a toy to stimulate yourself, you want to make sure that it is one that was designed for this purpose. The toys that are designed to stimulate women might be shaped more like a penis, and they might also include parts that are designed to stimulate the clitoris. All of this is just going to get in your way, so please, by no means should you try using any of these toys.


Those that are designed for use with the male g spot will also have a different shape. They are designed for easier insertion, and they have a bulbous tip on the end. This tip is usually as much as twice as thick as the tip on a normal dildo or vibrator, and some of them don’t even include a large tip.


Using a toy that is designed for guys will provide an enhanced orgasm, because it will properly stimulate your prostate. Check out the a proper male g spot stimulator and the difference will be obvious almost immediately.