Using a Prostate Massager with Your Partner

One of the best things about using a prostate massager is having a partner who is willing to use with you. Not only will it enhance your sexual pleasure, but the intimacy level will send your orgasm rating shooting through the roof. This is particularly true if you have never had a partner deliver a prostate stimulation before. When your girl knows that she is the only one that you have ever allowed to please you in this way, she is going to be elated. That’s what a prostate massager can do for you!

So, in this article, you are going to learn the following:

1. How to bring up the fact that you want your partner to use a male anal sex toy
2. How to help her learn to find your g-spot
3. How to prepare her for the monster orgasm you will have when all is said and done

Most guys have trouble with the first two items on the list, and most of them never even think to warn their lady about how huge their load is going to be when they finally cum. Use these tips and your girl will be hitting your g-spot with the prostate sex toy before you know it.

While you can approach your girlfriend by simply asking her if she wants to diddle your butthole with a male dildo, that isn’t going to go over so well most of the time. Instead, start by getting romantic with your girlfriend. If you can turn the heat up and really get it to the point where you are ready to have sex, that’s even better.

During intercourse, ask her if she wants to try something new that you will really like. If things are heavy enough, she will probably agree, but she’ll be a little nervous, because she has no idea what is coming. If the two of you have never had anal sex before, then it’s even better. Tell her, at this point, that you want to try anal. She will get nervous, and then tell her that you don’t mean her – but that you always wanted a girl to finger your ass, and that you have recently read an article about how it can improve the orgasm.

At this point, most girls will agree to go along for the ride. If she doesn’t, then just keep bringing it up and provide her one or two articles on prostate stimulation.

Once you get past this hurdle, you can simply tell her that you got a toy that is designed for male prostate stimulation and you want her to use it on you. When she puts the toy (hopefully the mangasm alpha or rush, as they are both good “intro” toys for you) inside, help her by explaining that it is very similar to finding and stimulating the female g-spot.

Remind her not to put too much pressure, and tell her that you will let her know when she’s got it right. From there, you simply have a little bit of fun!

If you are really lucky, your girlfriend or wife will provide you with a blow job during all this. If she hasn’t already witnessed the prostate orgasm before, just let her know that you are about to produce the biggest load that she has ever seen. This will turn most women on, especially if they like to swallow. If they don’t, you have just given her a fair warning. Don’t get so wrapped up in the act of having your wife use the prostate massager that you forget to tell her!