Enhance Your Sexual Knowledge by Learning How to Locate the G-spot

You may have heard about the female G-spot from the different articles online and in magazines. But many men are surprised to learn about the G-spot in their own bodies. Locating this area in your body is not difficult to do, but many men have inhibitions about dealing with their anal region. There is nothing to be ashamed about; this is just another area of your body you need to become familiar with.


Because the G-spot is located in the area of the prostate gland, by learning how to massage it you can provide the core of your sexuality with the stimulation it needs to improve the blood circulation through it. Because of the new discoveries about prostate health and the value of massage, it may be time to set your inhibitions aside and take time to learn how to massage this vital area of your male anatomy.


Although the G-spot is not difficult to locate, you need to give yourself time and be patient if this is your first time doing this procedure. It’s a good idea to use an anal lubricant for this exercise. Here is the easiest way to do this: start by taking a nice warm shower and then place yourself comfortably on your bed or if you prefer you can also use a couch. You will need to elevate your legs, by propping them up against the wall or if you are on the couch, let your legs hang over the armrest. What you need to be able to do is to reach the area of the perineum; this is the area between the testicles and anus. If you’re unable to do this easily you may need to prop up your backside with a pillow.


When you have reached the point where you can comfortably reach your anus, apply a small amount of lubricant to your fingers and then begin by slowly massaging this area with the pad of your index finger, continuing this motion until the muscles around your anus begin to relax. Then you can begin to slowly use your finger to probe. Take as much time as you need for this exercise and if you begin to feel comfortable you can always try this at another time. Move slowly and as you begin to move deeper inside you will feel the small, round shaped bump about 2 inches from the entry point of your anus. You have now located the G-spot.


Every man should know how their body works and where the prostate gland and the G-spot are located. Because proper functioning of the prostate gland is so important to your sex life, keeping it healthy should be a top priority. By placing the focus on the health benefits of this type of exercise you take another step toward being in charge of your health. Massaging the G-spot provides of the benefits to the prostate gland and increases your sexual pleasure with multiple orgasms. You can find a variety of prostate massagers, lubricants and other sex toys by visiting the Mangasm website that is linked to the banner above this article.