The most talked about Male Anal Toy of them all

There are all kinds of male anal toys, and most of them have been around for a very long time. There's nothing new about butt plugs, there's nothing novel about male anal dildos, and they have been favorite choices for gay guys for decades, even before gay sex was legal.

But recently a new kind of prostate massaging toy has reached the market that is making big waves in more ways than one. The prostate massager is able to create waves of pleasure throughout the entire body by putting pressure on the prostate gland - known as the male g-spot, the most erogenous zone in the male body. And there's another reason this male anal toy is making waves. It's aimed not just at the gay community but also at the straight male community.

If you suggest anal sex toys to some straight guys you could end up with a punch in the mouth, but prostate massagers such as the Mangasm range of silicone male anal sex toys are cleverly marketed as sex toys for the more aware and sexually adventurous male who wants to discover the mind blowing sensations of the Super Orgasm; a male multiple orgasm similar to that of females.

The prostate can be massaged safely and effectively with this kind of masculine sex toy. Not only is prostate massage a huge sexual turn on, it can also good for health. But this gland tends to become less active as men start to age, and stagnant blood can start collect in the tiny acini cells. Over time this results in an enlarged prostate which can cause pain and can lead to infection and possibly cancer.

Male anal toy massage with the Mangasm prostate massager gets the blood flowing freely again around the entire male reproductive organs. The big bonus is the incredible sexual sensation that massaging the prostate provides. Guys who have tried this type of anal toy have had bigger orgasms than they thought possible and some have benefitted from a healthier, more active prostate.