Male Anal Toys - The new generation of male anal toys

Mangasm VoyagerIt's not that straight men have suddenly decided to insert dildos inside themselves, far from it; straight men in general remain as anally averse as ever. But more enlightened and adventurous straight men have started to discover what gay men have known for years; the powerful pleasures of massaging the prostate and the perineum.


Perhaps it was God's sense of humor that persuaded Him to locate the prostate inside the anus, but sex toy manufacturers have cottoned on to it in the past few years and have started to develop a new generation of male anal toys to pander to it.


These are specifically designed to be inserted into the anus and to put pressure on the prostate gland. As the prostate is a key producer of seminal fluid, the result of such pressure and/or massage is extremely pleasurable. Many doctors also believe such massage to be beneficial to male health.


Pressure on the prostate gets the blood flowing throughout the gland itself and across the entire male sexual organs. Some of the best male anal toys such as the Aneros Helix or the Bad Boy, are capable of massaging both the prostate and the perineum (the penny sized cluster of nerves located between the anus and the testicles0 relying on the natural contraction of the sphincter muscles to supply the rhythmic massage with having to use hands at all.


It's these male anal toys which are attracting the attention of both gay and straight men keen to discover new sexual experiences. As far as sexual experiences go, the prostate massager is the ultimate rollercoaster ride.


Efficient massage of this gland with male anal toys can produce the super orgasm, an orgasm every bit as powerful and enduring as the much talked about female multiple orgasm. In fact, sex therapists who have studied the male multiple orgasm, say that there is practically no difference between the two phenomena.