Practicing with Male G-Spot Sex Toys

With a little practice male g-spot sex toys can give you the most powerful orgasm of your life and leave you wondering why you didn't try it long ago. But like all worthwhile things in life it takes a little practice to get the most from masculine prostate toys.

The first time you try it the sensations may seem strange rather than pleasurable. That's because you are not used to the idea of having an foreign object in your anus, unless you have indulged in anal sex play in the past.

There are some key points to remember when trying male g-spot sex toys. The first is to urinate, empty your bowels, shower and get really clean. Some guys like to use an anal douche before an erotic g-spot massaging session, as it helps to completely clean out the rectum with warm soapy water. Anal douches are readily available on most good online sex toy sites.

The next point to bear in mind is that anal sex works best if you are sexually aroused before you start. Whether you are playing with male g-spot sex toys on your own or with a partner, take time to arouse yourself and get in the moment before starting.

Lube is also very important. Water based lube should be applied both to your anus and to the male-g-spot sex toy as your anus has no lubricant of its own. As you insert the male prostate stimulator, focus on your breathing, and take the insertion in stages. The sex toy is designed for inserting in your anus, so it should feel smooth, well lubed and pleasurable. If you experience any pain once the prostate massager comes into contact with your prostate, stop the session. You should not experience pain, and if you do, it's wise to seek medical advice from your doctor to ensure that everything is ok.

Your prostate is a sensitive gland. After some practice you should start to experience some incredible orgasms and great sensations.