The best Male G-Spot Stimulation method

Here is a step by step guide to male g-spot stimulation which you can practice at home, preferably after work or when you do not have any strenuous activities, because after stimulating the g-spot you will feel tired, having given your nervous system a good workout.

1) Wash your hands thoroughly for at least 60 seconds, making sure to wash around your fingernails and between your fingers

2) Clip your fingernails to ensure they are short and smooth

3) Don latex gloves, but make sure there are no rips, cuts or tears in the material

4) Apply a water based lubricant to the tip of one of your index fingers.

5) Massage your lubricated index finger around the opening of your anus, paying extra attention to the sphincter muscle to stimulate it

6) Slowly insert your lubricated finger into your anus The prostate gland is located about two inches past the rectal opening, and will feel like a small, hard knot

7) Apply pressure, gently, to the small gland, until you begin to leak seminal fluids.

Preferred method

You can attempt male g-spot stimulation with just your fingers but in truth, you are much better using a specially designed prostate massaging tool such as the Mangasm Prostate Massager. The Mangasm is made from safe, smooth, washable silicone which you should disinfect after each use. Also, remember to urinate and take a bowel movement first, then wash yourself thoroughly.

Next, insert the Mangasm using water based lube on both yourself and the massager. Insert the massager until you can feel pressure on the small hard knot - the prostate gland. As the massager continues to apply pressure you may leak seminal fluid, have a powerful erection and also start to experience intense sexual sensations throughout your entire body, not just the sex organs. This is the powerful effect that male g-spot stimulation can have, and it gets even better with practice.