How does male g spot stimulation work?


Everyone is talking about male g spot stimulation, but few people actually understand exactly what is going on. Unlike the woman’s g spot, guys actually have a gland inside of their body that is essential to producing an orgasm. The prostate gland produces the seminal fluid that combines with the sperm from the testicles during orgasm. The prostate not only determines how much fluid the orgasm will contain, but the force at which it comes out of the penis. Stimulating this gland also has a few health benefits that are useful.


By reading this piece, you will understand the following:

  1. Why male g spot stimulation works
  2. Health benefits of male g spot stimulation
  3. How to experience male g spot stimulation for the first time


So, just what is it that happens when you put a finger or toy in there and start to work your prostate? Well, by stimulating the gland, you increase the blood flow to it. It’s just like any other type of massage. When you do this, the prostate is able to ramp up production of semen, which will result in a faster, more powerful orgasm. But there is another benefit of stimulating the gland.


When you “milk” the gland, you are using a specific motion of moving the stimulating tip back and forth across the prostate. It is very similar to how you milk a cow’s utters. You do it by applying pressure and then sliding the tip forward towards the front of the cavity. You then release the pressure, slide to the back, and start all over. Doing this repeatedly will result in a super fast and super powerful orgasm, in part because of the extra pressure applied to the prostate during orgasm.


One of the best things about prostate stimulation is that it helps to clear all of the “stale” fluid from the gland. This stale fluid can increase the chance of developing prostate cancer. So the good news is that by improving the quality of your orgasm and sexual pleasure with prostate massage, you are also improving your health. Over time your prostate will also become stronger, meaning that you can shoot your load even further without constant prostate stimulation.


If you have never tried it before, then it’s easy to get started. Get some lube and a latex glove, grease up, and slip your finger inside. The gland is located at the top of your cavity behind a thin layer of tissue. You will know immediately when you find it because it will feel very good. At that point, you can continue to lightly stimulate it with a “come here” motion. This will result in a buildup of semen and a fast orgasm.


Over time, you will learn to last longer. Your prostate will become stronger and it will also provide more force to each and every blast of cum.


Once you get used to using your finger, you can move on to using toys. One of the best is the Mangasm Voyager, but this is a larger toy and is really best used by advanced prostate stimulator experts. If you want a good toy for the first timer, then use something like the Mangasm Alpha, which is shaped properly for stimulating the gland, but it is small enough for easy insertion.


At the end of the day you have to decide if you are interested in doing this or not. If you decide that you don’t want to, that’s fine, but you are going to miss out on the amazing orgasms that can only be achieved by mastering the art of male g spot stimulation.