Safety tips for Male G-spot Stimulators

You've probably read about the fantastic orgasms some guys are getting from male g-spot stimulators. If you want to try it, here are few important prostate stimulating safety tips:

Look on any online sex store these days and you will find banners for prostate massager toys. These male-g-spot stimulators can give incredible multiple orgasms for men very similar to the ones you have may be given to you wife or girlfriend. If you are tempted to try this exciting new sexual experience for guys, here's a guide to what to look for when buying a male g-spot stimulator.

Good quality

Go to a sex store and check this type of toy before buying. Male g-spot stimulators should not have any rough edges or pointy bits. It must also be solidly made so that it does not break, splinter or snap while in use. The skin of the rectum is easily torn and you want to avoid causing damage, so choose carefully.

Good design

Make sure your g-spot stimulator has a flared base or a strong, no nonsense handle you can grip so that the anal sex toy cannot become stuck in your rectum or the anal cavity. Although this sounds amusing it does happen frequently, and it is definitely not amusing when it does. Sometimes the emergency department of a hospital is the only way to extract the toy and why should you suffer this embarrassment and potential danger down to poor design?

Good hygiene

Whichever male g-spot stimulator you insert into your anus you need to choose a material that can be easily disinfected. That means it can be boiled in water for four minutes with a disinfectant. It's vital because even if you cannot see it, tiny particles of fecal matter inevitably gather on the sex toy and must be thoroughly cleaned after each use. High grade silicone, glass and stainless steel are fine, but avoid jelly because it cannot be properly cleaned after use and will lose its shape if you boil it.


Lube is not a 'nice to have' with male g-spot stimulators, it's a must have. Never insert an anal sex toy without first applying lube to both the toy and your anal orifice. The anus has no natural lubricant of its own. The best type of lube for g-spot stimulators is water based, and there are several types of lube specifically for anal sex play.