Men want to experiment with Male G-Spot Toys

Anything that involves anal sex play for the average guy is out of the question. Even fairly open minded guys can draw the line at inserting things into their own anus, but perhaps because of the frequent reports of incredible orgasms, there has finally been a willingness to experiment. Male g-spot toys have become a surprise bestseller. Sales still don't come close to male masturbators or pocket pussies yet, but they have been encouragingly healthy and today there are several prostate stimulating toys on the market.

Male g-spot toys are the best way to explore and massage the male g-spot, known as the prostate and perineum. Due to the fact that the prostate is located about two inches up the anus towards the root of the penis, in order to massage it, it's necessary to get to it via the anus. It can be done with the fingers, using a lubed latex glove, but a toy for massaging the g-spot is so much more suited for the job.

The most popular type of toy is a prostate massager that also has a P-tab. This is a means to insert the toy not only in the anus but also between the testicles and the anus in the area known as the perineum. It is possible to massage the prostate via the perineum, but the double act of prostate and perineum massage really helps to add to the sensation.

The angled head of a male g-spot toy is perfectly slanted to make it easy and comfortable to find the prostate gland and to massage it through the rectum walls. The combined effect of the male stimulating tool massaging the prostate and the perineum can start off sensation that come in powerful waves of pleasure.

One of the important considerations for all adult anal sex toys is that they must be washable, and you must use plenty of water based lube when you use them. The anus has no lubrication of its own, and without the necessary slickness they have often been known to become stuck in the anal orifice.