The changing view on Male Masturbate

It used to be the case that the whole subject of male masturbate was off limits. It wasn't talked about, it wasn't admitted to, and it certainly wasn't approved of. For several centuries, in fact right up until the 1950’s and beyond, there was organized attempts by the authorities to physically prevent the whole activity.

A number of devices were invented to stop a boy from being able to masturbate. Stephenson's Spermatic Truss was one such device. It locked the penis away in a tight fitting bandage, thereby preventing any erection. Another was the Bowen Device, which ensured that boys were kept miserable by pulling on the pubic hair every time the adolescent boy got aroused. Today we can afford to laugh at these ridiculous inventions, and the way in which masturbation was linked to becoming insane, which for generations was the commonly held belief.

Instead we can spend as much time as we like clicking from one male masturbate website to another; learning about dozens of different masturbation techniques, reading stories about masturbation, checking out the latest incredible range of male masturbators. And every single site will tell you that to male masturbate is healthy, fun, enjoyable, cool. The modern view on the art of masturbation has shifted fully 180 degrees as far as the West is concerned.

Some of the latest devices for masturbation go beyond mere masturbation of the penis and focus on the prostate and perineum. The Mangasm range of prostate massagers has been designed specifically to massage the male G-spot, and many men are starting to discover that this form of stimulation is even more pleasurable and rewarding than the conventional 'spanking the monkey'.

Prostate massage is the new masturbation trend and looks set to be taken up by many sexually adventurous males keen to discover ever greater heights of pleasure.