Learning more from Male Masturbation Tips

They say the more things change the more they stay the same, but this has not proved to be the case with male masturbation tips.
In the past, male masturbation could not even be spoken about, and severe punishment followed anyone caught indulging. Today, tips on how to masturbate are freely and graphically shown on the internet, and anyone, even a child can take a look at how they are done.

Modern male masturbation tips promote an open, positive view of masturbation. We are told that it is natural and healthy to want to masturbate, and that there is nothing to feel guilty about. Tips on masturbation show a variety of hand techniques that can be practiced and also, clever male masturbation techniques that use objects such as the couch, the mattress, a lubed up toilet roll, and other highly imaginative tips.

The newest male masturbation tip is not concerned with the penis but with the prostate and the perineum, known as the male G-spot. New prostate massagers such as the Mangasm range of anal sex toys are capable of giving men the equivalent of the female multiple orgasm, where orgasm come in waves throughout the whole body by massaging this incredibly sensitive gland.

There are more tips required for this than for traditional masturbation, because first of all, it involves inserting the sex toy in the anus, which is taboo for many guys. Also, massaging the prostate does require some careful and dedicated practice in order to achieve the most mind blowing orgasms. But after studying the booklet of male masturbation tips for the prostate, most guys are able to discover a whole new dimension to their sexuality. With masturbation and sexuality becoming more openly discussed, we can expect to see many more useful masturbation guides and tips find their way on to the internet.