Male Masturbation Videos


There are male masturbation videos that show exactly how various techniques are performed, they can be educational, but unless you happen to be into watching guys masturbate, they can quickly start to lose appeal. Far funnier and more involving are the collection of male masturbation videos available on You Tube in which a series of not so bright guys get caught in the act.

One gentleman managed to be indiscreet and foolish enough to attempt to masturbate himself with the sunroof of his SUV open. He could not be seen at ground level because his windows were blacked out, but what he clearly overlooked is that he could be viewed from the office windows above. And it was his bad luck that someone had a camera and his activities were caught on film. Amidst much laughter from office workers, they watched for several minutes as he worked himself into a passion.

Eventually one guy from the office ran downstairs and approached his vehicle gesturing up and down with his loose fist. This of course immediately got the driver's attention, although he looked confused because he believed his windows were non see through. But with one gesture to the offices above the man knew he had been rumbled. He could clearly see the guy making the sex video, and he was not amused. He was probably a lot less amused when the self stimulating flick ended up on You Tube and received a phenomenal amount of hits.

It seems some people just have to learn the hard way about when to practice their masturbation techniques, and if you want to avoid being the unwilling subject of a male masturbation video, be very careful not to get caught.