Male Prostate Milking - new sexual high

Mangasm Rush - prostate massagerKnowing the right way to stimulate your prostate can result in some of the most amazing orgasms you have ever experienced. This has to be good news, because some studies suggest that having orgasms regularly can prevent a host of prostate disorders.

The prostate gland is responsible for the production of producing seminal fluid, a milky liquid that carries sperm coming from the testicles through the penis and safely into the vagina during intercourse.

Male prostate milking is a great way to drain the prostate of a build-up of seminal fluid that can occur when there is no regular sexual activity. The first thing to overcome when considering prostate stimulation is that you have to insert fingers or a prostate massage toy into the anus. This is a no-no for most guys because they believe it might be linked to homosexuality. But to discover the powerful pleasures of male prostate milking, the anus is the only route to your prostate.

The best way to enjoy a comfortable male prostate milking session is to use a tool designed for the task such as the Mangasm range of prostate massagers. You use the right tool for every other job, such as the right sized spanner for your car, the electric drill to drill holes - so use the right tool for your stimulation session and get the best results with the minimum of fuss. First prepare yourself by urinating, having a bowel movement and washing thoroughly afterwards.

The Mangasm prostate massager is easy to insert. You apply some water based lube to the massager and to your anus, and gently guide it in. No need to rush it, get used to the feeling of a foreign body inside the anus. As you continue to probe the head of the prostate sex toy will put pressure on your prostate, and this produces strong sexual sensations. Some guys also like to masturbate, some not. You will find what is right for you as you continue to experiment.