The ever popular Male Toy

Autoblow Penis PumpMany guys will tell you that penis pumps are not really about expanding the size of your penis. They are much more about a mind-blowing masturbation sessions. In fact the penis pump could be compared to sneakers, where their official use s for sports, but many more guys wear them for leisure. It's the same idea with the penis pump. It's supposed to be to develop the penis, but most guys use this male toy just for pleasure. The penis pump creates tremendous suction around the whole penis and can give the effect of the most powerful pair of lips performing a blowjob. This is the major turn on.


The principle of the penis pump male toy is that it pumps air out of the cylinder creating an airtight vacuum. By pumping the air out of the chamber, every inch of the skin tingles as the blood fills each pore. The penis becomes engorged until such time as the air is released which come as a massive relief of pressure. Like all male toys some basic safety precautions are required. It can be dangerous to over pump the device because it can cause a rupture of the blood vessels in the penis, which is definitely something you do not want.


Of course for some guys the penis pump is a male toy that really is about building the biggest penis possible. Men being men, some get completely carried away with this activity, and constantly upgrade to ever bigger pumps until they have a penis the size of a prize marrow. It is also possible to expand the testicles to oversized proportions if you invest in a full set penis pump that also accommodates the testicles.


The other potential problem with the penis pump is that it can become addictive. This happened in the case of an American count court judge who was once given one as a joke. He started using the male toy even during court sessions, and jurors kept complaining of a curious hissing sound. Court aides also complained of him exposing himself even while hearing testimony. This is what can happen when a male toy starts to take over your life.