For some, Male Toy Sex is the greatest love of all

Male MasturbatorMale toy sex with a quality sex toy can be incredible. The nubs and ticklers inside some of the best love sleeves, when pumped with some water based lube are enough to make some guys switch to sex toys. Some guys love not only the incredible sex they can get with orgasm toys for men, but also the fidelity they can rely on with their sex toy.

Others prefer to have sex when they want it, no questions asked, and there's no conversation afterwards, which some guys find awkward and tiresome. The revolution in men's sex toys with a wide variety of choice and incredible ease in window shopping online, reading reviews, and reading articles, means men now have a genuine choice about ether having a relationship, or finding all their sexual needs with a male toy sex.

There are also men who love prostate massaging toys in addition to the their partner, and some girls are happy to make themselves useful stroking a Fleshlight up and down their partner's penis and watching as he goes into a state of ecstasy. Some couples love nothing more than to explore and experiment with toys, which is one of the reasons why anal sex play and prostate massage have becoming increasingly popular and acceptable. These are the lucky guys who have an understanding partner who is happy, even eager to explore new sexual adventures using sex toys.

Unfortunately some women are not nearly so secure and see sex tools for men as a threat because it distracts the partner from paying full attention to her. When this happens the guy feels he must drive his male toy sex sessions underground and become secretive. This happened two years ago when a British man was found with over 27 male sex toys and love dolls in a garden shed, and he was spending every spare minute and thousands of pounds on buying more. His first adventures with toys became an obsession, and he had to see treatment for sex addiction. Enjoy sex toys, but don't overdo it.