How men go about choosing Male Toys

Fleshlight Pink Mouth VortexGuys visiting online sex stores for the first time are stunned by the amount of choice on offer. Everything is included; penis pumps, cock rings, pocket pussies, realistic pussies, blowjob machines, penis sleeves, sex dolls. It's all there, but after time spent surveying the vast collection, most guys start to home in on the male masturbators.


The male masturbators are not only the least expensive option; they are also the item most guys can relate. They know with a male toy such as a masturbator what they are going to get. Its simply a question of reading a few reviews and deciding on one.


It sounds so easy, but then you start to look at the choice of male masturbators. They can't contain them all on one page, so they go on to another, then another, then another, until some sex online toy stores have stretched to over 20 pages, with each page offering at least 15 male masturbators. What's more a great many of them are pitched at the same price point.


This is where the confusion sets in. There are rave reviews for several of the products, but word of mouth regarding sex toys is not something guys do. No guy in the locker room is going to confess to owning a sex toy unless he is completely comfortable with the company he is keeping.


Male toys, as far as many guys are concerned, are still deemed as being for lonely losers, and they do not want to be publicly associated with them even if privately they may have a male toy stash hidden away somewhere.


Choosing a male toy is a very private, almost hush-hush operation, in complete contrast to women who will admit to owning vibrators and happily share information about them with their friends.


When panic and confusion sets in, guys tend to opt for the one big name they have heard about, and that is likely to be Tenga from Japan or Fleshlight from the USA. Most are happy with their choices and this encourages them to go on and continue to buy many more. And that's why male toys are selling so well.