Massage Sex for your prostate

As many sex stores will tell you, whether in your local mall, or online, prostate massage has become the new buzz word for guys switched on about their sexuality. Mention the words 'sex massage' in the recent past and even to a large extent in the present, and most men will assume you are talking about the penis. But the prostate is rapidly becoming 'where it's at' in terms of incredibly powerful male sexual enjoyment.

In case you did not know, the prostate is located about two inches inside your anus to the front, just above the bladder. It's a walnut sized gland that helps in the production of seminal fluid. It's known as the male G-spot. To massage this highly nerve rich gland is to experience incredible sexual thrills that can come in waves throughout your entire body. No guy ever forgets his first prostate deep massage.

There are various ways to attempt a prostate sex massage, but the most effective is with a specially designed prostate massager. Mangasm make a variety of prostate massagers for this particular type of massage, and because they are specially made for the job, they are incredibly effective at getting the most toe curling results.

If you use a Mangasm prostate massager, first you have to lube the massager, and then lube your anus - your ass has no lubricant of its own and you would not want to get anything stuck inside of it! Just before you start your sex massage with the Mangasm, be sure urinate and relieve your bowels, and then be sure to wash yourself thoroughly. It’s enhances your masculine sexual experience. The best way to do that is with an anal douche - they are easily attainable at all good sex stores online.

Having reached the point where you are ready to insert your Mangasm massager, inhale and insert gently. Once it's inside, don't move it for a while. Let your anus become used to the sensation. The gently let the head of the Mangasm glide across your prostate through the rectum lining. You will know as soon as you have located the prostate by the exquisite feels, and probably the best erection you have had in years. A pleasurable gspot massage will fire up all your sexual organs with a good blow flow.