Masterbation Toys and Techniques; Japanese style

Fake PussyJapanese male masturbation toy giant, Tenga is to masturbating what Toyota is to Land Cruising. Tenga in Japanese means elegant, refined, graceful and neat. It's a true reflection of the products themselves. They are cunningly designed to look as little like sex toys as possible. There are Tenga masturbatory toys engineered to look like designer male deodorant cans or Tenga masturbation toys designed to look like iPod accessories. There are even Tenga toys designed to look like eggs.

This is all an important part of Tenga's unique approach to masturbation techniques. Through these masturbation techniques, it was an employee of Tenga that recently won an 'all comer's masturbation marathon.

Exclusively using the different textures of numerous Tenga male sex toys, Masanobu Sato did Japan proud at the Masturbate-A-Thon, held in San Francisco last year. He whacked away his old record of 9 hours and 33 minutes with a new one, 25 minutes longer. This new time helped him maintain his title as the masturbating world record holder. He even wore a Tenga tee short throughout the competition.

All Tenga's masturbation toys have been extensively designed and comprehensively product tested. The best selling Tenga toys are the Tenga Hard and Soft Cups. These take masturbation techniques in a sex toy to a new level of detail. They are designed to authentically recreate the sensation of a blow job in an easy to carry cunningly disguised package. The shape of the toy provides superb tightness while a virtual vacuum makes an erotic sensual sucking sound as the masturbator is stroked up and down. After use the toy can be thrown away, or if you use a condom, it can be used again.

The crowning glory of Tenga's achievements in masterbation techniques to date is the Tenga Flip Hole. For those who demand the best in self stimulation sex toys, the Flip Hole inner sleeve is a state of the art sensual assault course of carefully designed nubs, air pockets and a tight tunnel which wraps itself around the penis. The Tenga Flip Hole is also fully washable after each use, so there is no limit to the practice of your own masturbation techniques.