Sex toys with winning Masturbation Techniques

Fleshlight IceA recent survey took place among men ranging from ages 18-60+ years across all races. Their mission was to discover which male masturbation sex toys provide the best masturbation technique for pleasurable use and for powerful orgasms.

The panel of judges wanked their way through 40 leading male masturbator sex toys. Each toy was tried by at least 20 guys to decide whether the function of the toy was good enough to make the shortlist. The toy that made the top of the list would be declared the Best Male Masturbator in the World. After a lot of heavy wrist action and near exhaustion, the following three were nominated as having the best sensual masturbatory pleasure for a male sex toy. The results in reverse order are:

Eve's Ruby Delight

Another toy that you can practice your masturbation technique is the Eve’s Ruby delight. Eve's Ruby Delight has a bowl-shaped opening and is designed so that every time you thrust your penis into it, the shaft and head are tickled and teased by the texture of the sex toy. It has also been designed deep enough to take almost any size penis. It was the cheapest sex toy of the three nominations, and many guys found it to be much better than some more expensive sex toys.

Sue Johanson's Head Honcho

The Head Honcho Masturbator came second. As this sex toy was designed by a leading Swedish sex therapist, it is hardly surprising that its masturbation technique makes it a superior toy. The Head Honcho is also the number one choice made by women for their male partner. The Head Honcho has a triple sucking sensation inside a newly designed chamber with raised bumps to add to the sensation.

The Fleshlight

The Fleshlight proved yet again that it is the world's number one sex toy for men. Fleshlight have invested millions of dollars on their number one selling sex toy. All the guys who tried the Fleshlight stated that the male masturbation experience of using the Fleshlight, with its tight and air pocketed love tunnel riding up and down the entire penis, led to incredible orgasms.