Men Anal Toys - Unlocking the secrets

Mangasm SparkThe pleasures of the anus have come as a major revelation to guys who previously believed the penis was the only place it was at.


No one sits you down and tells you when you are growing up that if you insert men anal toys into your rectum that it is actually going to produce far more potent and powerful sensations than you are ever likely to experience through your penis. In fact, it is quite the reverse. Most guys have been told that anything to do with the anus is strictly for gay people. So to want to explore this area has meant overcoming years of highly moralistic preaching about the wrongs of such sexual activity.


Men anal toys such as butt plugs and dildos have existed for many years, but the new range of medically designed prostate massagers are causing more than a stir. That's because the men anal toys are specifically designed to massage the male G-spot, the prostate, located approximately two inches inside the anus above the bladder.


Pressure applied on this gland with a properly designed men anal toy can produce powerful orgasmic sensations. That's because the prostate is responsible for producing semen, and once this area is stimulated, it sends blood coursing round the whole area of the sex organs. If pressure is at the same time applied to the sensitive cluster of nerves between the anus and the testicles known as the perineum, it is literally double the pleasure. And the best designed male anal toys such as the Aneros Helix, the Rude Boy or the slimmer Naughty Boy, cater to both of these pleasure zones in one hands free toy.


These male anal toys are capable of delivering the super '˜O', a multiple orgasm for men so powerful that some guys have reported losing all sense of time and screamed like 'feral animals'. With claims as strong as this, it's hardly surprising that male sexual thrill seekers are taking their first tentative steps towards the male anal toys section of their local sex store.