The myths surrounding Men Masterbation

It doesn't matter which part of the world you come from, men masterbation is a daily occurrence, and it is openly talked about and graphically displayed on the internet in the western world. Learning and discovering about masculine masterbation in the West is easy. In other parts of the world it can be much more difficult.

Many countries ban or heavily filter any sexual content on the internet making it impossible to access websites that may teach or discuss new male masterbation techniques. Many religions preach against it, and adolescent youths can even be punished for their indulgence. So while in one half of the world it can be as simple as a couple of mouse clicks to discover more than you could ever wish to learn, in another part of the world, the exact same pastime is still taboo, still forbidden and viewed as the work of the devil.

The problem that some guys find when there is complete freedom to access information on men masterbation and online pornography is that they become addicted to the act. It starts to take over their lives and it takes larger and larger hits of porn to achieve excitement and sexual gratification.

Meanwhile, there are those that claim the depletion of vital minerals in the body from the act of masturbation can cause a man to have memory lapses and difficulty concentrating.

It has to be remembered that there are more myths and untruths about the act of men masturbation than there are for just about any other activity. Meanwhile, the act itself shows no signs of going out of fashion in the est. There are an increasing number of sex toys and websites dedicated to the subject, and dozens of techniques are shown in step by step detail. For many manufacturers and webmasters, the regular desire for men masterbation equal big money.