The Men Sex Toy that dares to be different

For most men sex toy manufacturers the closest they get to a concept with their products is sexual gratification linked to a famous porn star.
In advertising terms this is known as borrowed identity. By borrowing the identity of a famous porn star, the masculine sex toys becomes much more desirable than it would if it did not have the product linked to the horny looking porn princess.

Recently, some sex toys for men have started to push the ideas envelope a little further and create genre based men sex toy products that have appeal to smaller target audiences - known in the trade as niche markets. Niche markets can work well for certain products that can be viewed as cool or unusual. They can cash in on trends or topical situations - one recent example was the Tiger Woods masturbating wind-up toy. Here are some new orgasm toys for men that are doing things a little differently:

The Blowjock

The makers of this toy really know their market. It's a football topped by a seductive mouth, thereby appealing to the football fan who wants instant sexual gratification.

Fleshlight Count Cockula

The makers of the now legendary Fleshlight men sex toy have cashed in on the current vampire genre generated by the movie Twilight. Count Cockula is an oral sleeve for vampire lovers, complete with a pair of fangs protruding from the mouth. This sex toy for men forms part of their Sex In A Can series, a smaller and more affordable product pitched at a younger audience.

Mail order bride

While she'll never be confused for the kind you can legally marry, this sex toy does have a removable veil and trashy wedding dress, flowing blonde hair, a formed face with kissable lips, and two usable love holes. She's a lot cheaper to find than a real mail order bride.