The rise and rise of Men's Sex Toys

Autoblow MaxWhen was the last time you checked out men's sex toys? Or have you ever checked out men's sex toys at all? What started out as a few badly made blow-up dolls and cock rings some years ago has exploded into one of the most deeply mined markets on the internet today, and it's growing by leaps and bounds every year as more and more men decide to explore and enjoy men's sex toys.


The categories of men's sex toys include:


Masturbators, Cock Rings, Penis Pumps, Anal Toys, Sex Machines, Love Dolls, Prostate Massagers and Computer assisted sex toys.


The list becomes even more complicated because masturbators are often sub divided into Pocket Pussies, Realistic Vaginas and Penis Sleeves. More categories are being added all the time as manufacturers pump Research and Development funds into dreaming up new ever more creative ways for men to find sexual pleasure beyond a human partner.


Two of the latest sex toys for men trends include prostate massagers and computer assisted men's sex toys. These require the user to hook up and watch porn movies while a male masturbator mimics the actions on screen through haptic (touch) technology. Other manufacturers focus on providing sex toys for men with increasingly realistic and mind blowing sensations.


This includes the Fleshlight, the world's best selling sex toy for men. The guys at Fleshlight focus on developing Real Feel inserts that provide a complete playground of sexual sensations including air chambers, nubs, ribbed textures, and tight tunnels. Others like the Autoblow Blast have perfected a fully automatic deep throat blowjob sensation.


But most online sex toys for men retailers will tell you that the biggest uptake in recent years has been for prostate massagers and other anal sex toys for men. These have become a massive hit because guys have discovered what they have been missing all these years: incredible earth shaking orgasms by massaging of the prostate. Prostate massage is nothing new, it's been practiced for over 30,000 years, but every generation believes it is the one that invented sex, and ours is no exception.