Doctors may recommend Milking the Prostate

As far as the need for medical milking the prostate is concerned, it is necessary when seminal fluids collect in the prostate and need to be released. This tends to happen when a man ceases to be sexually active. Without milking the prostate there is a risk of it becoming enlarged and causing pain and health problems.


The prostate is located about two inches inside the anus towards the root of the penis, and tucked just under the bladder. While it is possible to massage the prostate with the fingers, these days, specially designed prostate massagers such as the Mangasm range of anal sex toys, can be effectively used for prostate milking. The release of the seminal fluids can be achieved without having to ejaculate or reach an orgasm.


A prostate milking is a treatment often prescribed for those who suffer from benign prostatic hyperplasia, also known as BPH, and chronic prostatitis. With acute prostatitis there is a danger that bacteria can spread infection to other parts of the body if a prostate milking is performed. For that reason it is important to check with your doctor before deciding to start on a course of milking the prostate.


If milking the prostate is being done by hand, the doctor will wear a latex glove, add plenty of water based lube to both the glove and your anus and begin milking the prostate. The doctor will insert his gloved finger into your rectum and massage the lobes that are located on both sides of the prostate. He will know not to apply too much pressure, particularly to the sensitive middle section of the prostate.


Because it is an intensely sensuous part of the male anatomy, an orgasm can be had while milking the prostate even without any stimulation to the genitals.