The first adult anal sex toy I ever used

Using an adult anal sex toy is pretty interesting. It doesn’t matter if it is designed for a woman or a man. There are a lot of toys that can actually be used for both, like butt plugs. Heck, if you are really adventurous you can even use toys that are designed exclusively for women. You will probably find that using a toy that is designed for guys provides better results, though. I would like to tell you about the first toy I ever used, as well as the circumstances under which it was introduced to me.

The first prostate stimulation toy I ever used was the Mangasm Voyager. I had been dating a woman that was a few years older than me. I was nineteen and she was thirty five. When I first met her we had very little intentions of developing a sexual relationship. Things got pretty interesting over the course of that summer, though. You see, I was really interested in becoming a musician, and she always fantasized about having a young guy living at her house who could play the guitar for her. I guess she sort of became my patron saint, or something like that.

Well, after a few months of this we decided to celebrate a great summer together. She bought a big bottle of wine. I wasn’t really a drinker, and she shouldn’t have even probably given me any wine since I wasn’t even old enough to drink. I had no idea if she had intentions of having sex with me or not, but by the end of the night we were all over each other. I tried to make a move on her, but she told me that she wasn’t going to let me fuck her. I was really disappointed. She told me that she would give me a great orgasm, though, if I would keep an open mind. That’s when she got out the adult anal sex toy.

At first I was very skeptical. I told her that I would just go home and jack off. She told me, though, that I would love the way everything felt. I was pretty buzzed, so I decided to give the prostate massager a try. Man, am I glad that I did! Within just a few minutes I was blowing my load, and the experience was far more intense than I would have ever imagined.

The next day I woke up with a serious hang over. She asked me how things went last night. I told her that they were pretty good. She asked me if I thought it was just from the drink. I told her that the only way to find out was to try it again.

That night she had me on her bed on my hands and knees. I was completely sober and I knew as soon as the rectal stimulation toy was inside that things were going to go well. It felt amazing. She was reaching between my legs and milking my dick while she massaged my prostate. Within another few moments I ended up having an intense orgasm, spilling my load all over her expensive sheets. She laughed about it and made me run them through the laundry.

I never did get to fuck her, but I am glad that she introduced me to prostate massages. Within a few days I had mastered doing it all by myself. Since then, I use a toy on a regular basis. I don’t see her anymore, since she ended up getting married, but I am glad she gave me an adult anal sex toy from