Male g spot stimulation never crossed my mind, until I met Marla


I met a girl when I was in college named Marla, and she introduced me to male g spot stimulation. It really is an interesting story, and I’ll share it with you. I hope that by reading this quick story that you realize two things. The first is that stimulating your prostate gland feels great. The second is that there are actually women out there who are turned on by a guy who is willing to try new things to achieve higher levels of sexual gratification than he knew possible. Anyway, let’s embark on our journey with Marla so you can learn exactly how I discovered my g spot.


Marla was a girl that I met in college. She loved doing wild and kinky things. On multiple occasions she showed up at my dorm after spending a few hours at the club. She would bring over a few girls from time to time, and once I even had a five way with her and three other smoking hot chicks. Most of the time she was doing things that I really couldn’t handle, and I would end up just laying there in an exhausted heap while she got herself off. When she started bringing girls over I knew I had turned a corner in terms of my sexual experiences.


Well, one night we went for a ride, and I had no idea where she was taking me. We ended up at a hotel about fifty miles from our college. When we got in the room she tied me up on the bed and started giving me head. If I knew what was coming, I probably would have stayed home that night, but I am glad that she got me to go along. I had never thought about male g spot stimulation before, and I was about to have my first male g spot stimulation experience that night.


Just as I was about to get off, she stopped stimulating me and turned out all of the lights. I started laughing, a bit because I was nervous, but also because I knew she had some wild plan in mind. After about ten minutes of thinking I was all alone in the dark she turned on the lights and there were twelve girls in the room with her. I really didn’t know what to think about this. Each girl was paired up with another one, and they were licking and rubbing each other. I had been so close to orgasm that just seeing this put me over the edge. She brought the girls over one by one and had them each lick a little bit of my cream off of my stomach.


After that, she pulled out a toy. I had no idea what it was for, and thought the girls would start stimulating each other. Instead, the twelve girls gathered around me on the bed and started touching and licking me. Marla got back to work on my rod. Then she lubed up the toy and put it in my ass, really slowly. At first, I protested. But within a few seconds I realized how good it felt. After just a moment all of the girls stopped touching me and gathered at the foot of the bed to watch Marla work me with her mouth and the Mangasm Voyager that she had introduced to my ass.


That was the first time that I ever experienced male g spot stimulation, but it certainly wasn’t the last. I never saw Marla again after that night. I don’t know what happened to her, but if you’re out there Marla, thanks a lot for the new toy!