It is easy to cum hard with the use of a male g spot stimulator

Before we talk about the use of a male g spot stimulator, I want you to think about your typical awesome orgasm. How often is it that you have one of those orgasms that result in blasting a load up past your shoulder? How often do you produce so much fluid that you think you are going to lose weight by the time you stop? Would you say that you have an orgasm that tops the charts at least once a week? I mean, certainly ever time you cum it feels good. But how often do you really feel like the center of the universe converges on your cock, pushing all of the best feelings right through your entire soul?


If you’re like me, that experience doesn’t come that often. The best way you know to produce those amazing orgasms is by jerking off slowly over a long period of time. With a male g spot stimulator you can actually have orgasms like that on a regular basis, and it doesn’t take two hours of slow jerking. I mean, really, when you have these types of orgasms with normal masturbation you probably have to start and stop repeatedly to make sure you never cross the gap. Eventually, you can’t hold it back and you beat furiously until you have that amazing orgasm. But why torture yourself like that?


When you use a male g spot stimulator, this happens a lot quicker. Personally, I never would have thought about buying a toy that is meant to go up my ass. I bet you might be a bit hesitant, too. Let me tell you that my girlfriend introducing a g spot stimulator into our bedroom is the best thing that has ever happened to me, sexually. When she brought it home I was really nervous and kept putting it off. That thing must have sat in the box in my sock drawer for about three months before she convinced me to give it a try. When I told her I was ready her eyes lit up and she got the biggest grin. She told me to get ready to experience nirvana.


I laid back and spread my legs. It felt a little weird to have her lubing up my butt hole, but I figured it couldn’t hurt that much. She lubed the toy and then slowly slipped it in. She squeezed and rubbed my balls while she got it in there, and I knew when she hit the prostate. She knew, too. I let out a long, slow moan. It felt so intense. Then, she wrapped her pretty little lips around my meat and started gliding up and down the shaft. With each pass she took me just a bit deeper. She applied steady pressure to the base of the Mangasm Spark while she did this. Within moments I was at the peak and I couldn’t turn back. You know that excitement you feel before the roller coaster goes over the hill? Well, this is like that. But you are afraid of the pleasure, not the drop from the height. It’s hard to explain.


She kept working my shaft, bobbing up and down with more and more vigor. Finally, I couldn’t take it. I felt my asshole tighten, my balls scrunched up, and my dick seized into the hardest it had ever been before. I shot cum like a super soaker and filled her belly. She was a good trooper and swallowed ever last drop, even though the male g spot stimulator produced more sperm than she ever thought possible.