Why not try Prostate Gland Milking

Milking The prostateIt's ironic that one of the biggest sexual thrills a man can experience - prostate gland milking - is only known by those who are more into sexual experimentation.

For most guys, sex consists either of masturbating, a blowjob or full sexual intercourse. A lot of guys draw the line at anything that involves exploring their own anus. It is taught from an early age that the anus is not for lay or exploration, and that it's 'dirty'. And yet the only way to reach the crown jewel of male sexual organs - the prostate - is through the anus. The prostate gland is about two inches inside the anus towards the root of the penis. It's a chestnut sized gland that you will feel as a lump if you are able to lube up a latex glove and insert your finger that far.

The best tool for prostate gland milking is one of the superb range of Mangasm massage toys. These smooth, washable silicone massagers are specially designed for the task of massaging the prostate gland. The slender stem and the enlarged head of the Mangasm prostate massager will target the prostate quickly and comfortably. Once it has found the spot it applies just the right amount of pressure. The prostate is stimulated by this gentle massaging effect. You might find you drain seminal fluid through the penis during this massage, but it is different from ejaculating. What you will feel is tremendous sexual pleasure, because the prostate is the male G-spot - or P-spot as it is sometimes known.

Prostate massage milking is quite unlike any orgasm you will have had before, better than masturbating, more intense even than sexual intercourse. Some guys have even experienced multiple orgasms very similar to women. Prostate gland milking is also a great way to maintain good prostate health as it promotes healthy blood flow and drain seminal fluid and stagnant blood form the tiny cells known as the acini cells. If you have never tried milking the prostate give it a go.