Prostate Male G-Spot massage

Considering that men are always after the biggest possible orgasms, it's surprising how few guys know about the prostate male g-spot.

The male prostate is located about two inches inside the anus, to the front of the body at the root of the penis, tucked just under the bladder. The prostate itself is a gland approximately the size of a walnut. Its main function is the production of seminal fluid which protects the sperm on their journey from the penis into the vagina and onward into the womb. It's a nerve rich gland, which, when you apply pressure to it through the wall of the rectum, can produce powerful sexual sensations which will be different from any you have experienced before.

The male secret erogenous zone can best be massaged with the use of a specially designed prostate male g-spot massager such as the Mangasm. This slim, sleek, silicone massager is designed for you to enjoy safe and gentle massage of your prostate, hands free. To insert the Mangasm into you anus, you need to lube up both the massager and your anus with plenty of water based lube. This is because the anus has no lubrication of its own. It's also best that you urinate and have a bowel movement prior to any massage.

When you are ready, insert the Mangasm slowly, and step by step, allowing your anus time to become accustomed to having a foreign object in there. As you insert a little further, the head of the Mangasm will make contact with your prostate male g-spot and start to produce highly intense sexual sensations. Then at the same time you can push the P-tab of the Mangasm into the perineum, located between your testicles and your anus. This simultaneous massage of both areas is quite exquisite and can be done without using your hands. Just let your sphincter muscles do the work.

The prostate and perianal area being massage in this way will fire up your entire sexual organs, and give you a powerful erection. It's definitely worth exploring.