By reading this entry, you will understand the following about the prostate massage:

1. How to massage your prostate with your finger with your finger
2. Why it provides so much pleasure
3. How to attain greater pleasure through toys designed for this specific purpose

If you’re just learning about prostate stimulation you are no doubt curious about whether or not the claims about its pleasure are true. They are. The good news is that you absolutely can have one of the most impressive, powerful orgasms of all time, simply by learning to utilize the techniques you have been hearing about. There are a number of websites out there featuring prostate massage videos, as well as tutorials and tips. While these can be helpful to watch, reading this entire article will give you the opportunity to know what to expect before you get started.

When you first start learning about the art of massaging the prostate, you will probably want to use your finger. This is a good idea for anyone who is just learning about the process.

Make sure that you wear a latex glove to keep your hands clean, and use plenty of lubricant. The more, the better! It also helps, sometimes, to lay a towel down underneath your butt so you don’t make a huge mess on the bed.

Reach into the anus and gently feel around on the top of the cavity. This is similar to the motion and action used when stimulating the female g-spot. It is similar to using your finger to signal to someone to “come here.” You will know when you have found your prostate by the feeling. It is not uncommon for a man to have a nearly instantaneous orgasm after finding the prostate.

So exactly what is happening during the prostate massage? The prostate gland provides the seminal fluid, which combines with the sperm from your testicles during orgasm. By stimulating your prostate with a massage, you cause the production of more fluid. With a bit of an advanced technique, you can also cause the ejaculation to shoot out with more force, as well as prolonging it significantly.

Always be careful when stimulating your prostate. Do not put too much pressure. It should always be light, yet firm. Putting too much pressure on the prostate can actually cause some damage, so always take it easy.

While using your finger can provide a great amount of pleasure, you will ultimately want a more intense, safer experience. The best way to do this is by using a male prostate toy. Male prostate toys are very different than dildo’s designed for women. A proper toy for the male g-spot will be designed to work with the anatomy of the male body.

A good example of a male anal toy designed for this purpose is the mangasm alpha. This toy is designed to be easily inserted (lube is still recommended) as well as having just the right shape to stimulate the prostate without the need for pressure. It also has a mechanism that serves as a safety device around the base, keeping it from slipping inside. The alpha is a small toy designed for those who are ready to make the leap from using their fingers to using a toy.

Under no circumstance should you attempt the massage with a toy designed for female stimulation. Not only is it unlikely to result in the type of pleasure that you are expecting, but there is also a safety risk. If the toy slips inside, you will have to make a visit to the doctor.

Using a proper massager will allow you the greatest and safest pleasure when it comes to the prostate massage.